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bioluminescentThere is this type of algae that is unique to other types. It really isn’t a plant, nor is it an animal though it has a tail that it uses to swim around. It contains the same chemical that a firefly uses on a summer night to light up. This algae glows when it is disturbed. When you join Florida From A Kayak on a bioluminescent tour in Mosquito Lagoon, you will experience one of the best places on earth for this phenomenon.

We will begin before the sun sets. The paddle out to the sh area for the tour will give you the chance to watch water fowl as they make the final runs to find a snack before roosting for the night. Gathering  for the night, you will see flocks of birds settling in huge numbers on the bushes and the trees that line the banks of the lagoon and its islands. It only takes a small amount of luck to spot a dolphin or a manatee or two as they go about their evening business.

The bioluminescent algae are best seen when the moon is dark. As you paddle and the sun sets, you will suddenly realize that the swirls of water from pulling your paddle through the water are glowing green. The drips from your paddle splash in the same green color. When the fish swim under your boat or jump in front of you, it looks like fireworks in green.

Join us for an evening that will give you stories to tell over and over again.

Cost: $65 plus tax with kayak rental

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